Terms of use

This document specifies the Conditions for using WorkID. It is important to take the time to read these Terms carefully. By registering and using WorkID you agree to the Terms.


1.1 “Password”: A password will be sent by email to each User when logging in to WorkID. This password will be requested from the User to identify himself on WorkID.

1.2 “Terms”: These Terms of Use and any appendices or documents referred to in these Terms.

1.3 "WorkID": The WorkID platform is a digital tool to administratively simplify the search for work via an HR service provider. WorkID vzw processes the data from the digital CV and provides it to the selected HR service provider.

1.4 “WorkID vzw”: The non-profit association with registered office at Havenlaan 88, 1000 Brussels (Belgium) registered in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0804.158.011, which offers WorkID.

1.5 “Notification”: An electronic message issued to the User to inform about an event in WorkID.

1.6 “Service”: The service provided to Users by and via WorkID.

1.7 “Third Party Services”: products and/or services, whether or not accessible via other third party software applications or websites and to which access is possible via WorkID.

1.8 "User": any natural person who has gained access to WorkID by registering correctly and completely.

User account

2.1 To be able to use WorkID, the User must register by creating a user account. The user account is valid for 15 months after the last provided consent.

2.2 The Password must be treated strictly confidentially by the User. The Users acknowledge that their username and Password are unique and personal and may not be passed on, transferred or shared with any third parties. If a password has become known to a third party, the User must immediately change the password.

2.3 The User must ensure that the data entered for his user account is truthful and complete. Since communication with the User takes place via e-mail or a telephone number, the User must have:

 2.3.1 internet browser with a recent version update;

 2.3.2 Fixed or mobile internet with the necessary speed;

2.3.3 A valid email address.

2.4 If the User's email address or other data changes, they must be immediately updated in the

 2.5 User's user account. The User is responsible for:

2.5.1 The compatibility of computer equipment, tablets or smartphones with the applications present in WorkID;

2.5.2 The security of own computer equipment, tablets or smartphones against viruses, trojan horses or other dangers connected to the internet that can disrupt the proper functioning of WorkID.


3.1 By using WorkID and accepting the Terms, the User agrees to the storage and sharing of data for the purpose for which WorkID is intended.

3.2 Registration on WorkID is possible for every User who wants to use WorkID.

3.3 In order to activate WorkID, the User must be in possession of: (i) a Belgian national register number or valid passport; (ii) a valid and working email address; (iii) a personal telephone number.

3.4 By providing truthful information when activating the user account, it is possible to inform the User about his/her access to WorkID.

Use of the Service

4.1The User is responsible for data uploaded or shared via WorkID.

4.2 The User remains the owner of his/her data and can always adjust it in WorkID.

4.3 The User is responsible for the quality, form and content of the entered data and documents.

4.4 The User determines which HR service providers have access to this data.

4.5 The User undertakes to use WorkID in a careful manner

4.6 WorkID vzw can remove User data from WorkID if it is of the opinion that this data violates normal use, good morals or any applicable regulations.

4.7 WorkID vzw has the right to suspend or deny access to WorkID without judicial intervention and without being obliged to pay any compensation if:

 4.7.1 There are indications that the User is using WorkID for purposes for which WorkID is not intended;

 4.7.2 There are indications of abuse of WorkID by the User;

  4.7.3 This is necessary to deal with any incident or prevent any escalation to the detriment  of other Users;

  4.7.4 The User infringes the intellectual property rights of WorkID vzw or its licensors;

  4.7.5 This is necessary to meet a force majeure situation.

Availability of the Service

5.1 WorkID vzw does not guarantee the uninterrupted operation of WorkID.

5.2 WorkID vzw may suspend the Service for proactive or reactive maintenance services, update or upgrade purposes.

5.3 In case the Service is not available, regardless of the cause, WorkID vzw cannot be held responsible. Any damage resulting from the unavailability of WorkID is excluded.

5.4 WorkID vzw will make every effort to have the Service operational again as soon as possible.

User Support

6.1 The Service is available between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays in Belgium.

6.2 WorkID vzw offers the User information via a frequently asked questionnaire in WorkID and offers online support during the aforementioned working hours.

6.3 Personal support regarding the User's data is provided by the HR service provider that the User has indicated on WorkID and from which the User has received a consent.

6.4 Technical support by WorkID vzw to the User is excluded, unless WorkID vzw receives a request from the HR service provider who has the User's consent to contact the User.

6.5 The User gives WorkID vzw the right to send her/him a Notification. A limited number of notifications cannot be deactivated by the User in WorkID because they are necessary for the proper functioning of WorkID.

Obligations of the User

7.1 The User of WorkID undertakes not to make himself punishable by:

7.1.1  Violating the privacy of third parties;

 7.1.2 Speaking slander and insult;

 7.1.3 Share pornographic, racist or any other unethical material;

7.1.4  Encouraging the use or trafficking of prohibited substances or drugs;

 7.1.5 Committing illegal acts (false identity, identity theft, etc.);

 7.1.6 Incite violence, crime, suicide, discrimination and/or hatred;

 7.1.7 Denial of crimes against humanity;

7.1.8 Circumventing provisions intended to guarantee the security of WorkID;

7.1.9  Infringe the intellectual property of WorkID vzw and its licensors;

7.1.10  Infringe the rights of third parties, and in particular distribute copyrighted material without any permission from those third parties;

7.1.11 Infringe database rights of HR service providers;

7.1.12 Reverse engineering, decompiling, copying, duplicating, or otherwise unauthorized access to the source code of the software that operates WorkID;

7.1.13 Scraping, via self-developed software or scripts, of data that would be in WorkID or data files or websites connected to WorkID;

7.1.14 Violating WorkID's good name or reputation by making statements on social media or other offline or online channels about experiences with WorkID or associated HR service providers.

7.2 The User indemnifies WorkID vzw against damage resulting from the aforementioned actions.

7.3 The User also indemnifies WorkID against damage resulting from the loss, theft or improper use of WorkID by third parties as a result of careless handling of the Password.

Protection of the User's personal data

8.1 WorkID vzw processes the data from the digital CV of the User and provides this data to the selected HR service provider with a view to entering into a contract.

8.2 The Personal Data Protection Act applies when using WorkID.

8.3 Prior to registration on WorkID and activation, the User has taken note of the provisions of the WorkID Privacy Statement and has accepted it in full.

Termination of Service

9.1 The User can terminate his registration on the Service at any time by terminating his account in WorkID. The User's personal data will then be removed from WorkID in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Statement.

9.2 The Service can be terminated by WorkID vzw in case the User does not comply with the provisions of this Agreement.

Exemption from Liability

10.1 The use of WorkID, which is made available to Users free of charge by WorkID vzw, is at the expense and risk of the User.

10.2 WorkID vzw is not liable:

10.2.1 For not finding work through the selected HR service provider;

10.2.2 To terminate a contract with or through an HR service provider;

10.2.3 For any dispute between the User and an HR service provider;

10.2.4 For any Third Party Services.

 10.3 WorkID vzw is not liable:

10.3.1 if it cannot be demonstrated that the defects were present at the time WorkID was put into circulation;

10.3.2 if WorkID vzw could not be aware of the presence of the defects, given the state of the art;

10.3.3 due to interruptions in the availability or functioning of WorkID;

10.3.4 for burglary or hacking of WorkID, on the condition that WorkID vzw has taken all reasonable  security measures in accordance with the state of the art;

10.3.5 through phishing, farming or other forms of internet fraud or other criminal activities;

10.3.7 due to force majeure, including without being exhaustive fire, explosions, floods, storm damage, lightning, power cuts, strikes and government measures;

10.3.8 as a result of the malfunctioning of the internet connection, broadband connection, or any other service, infrastructure or hosting over which WorkID vzw has no control;

10.3.9 due to defects in the hardware or software that the User uses in combination with WorkID;

10.4 due to viruses, trojan horses or bugs in the hardware or software used by the User.

Except in the case of intent, WorkID vzw is not liable for any damage of any nature whatsoever related to the temporary non-availability, incorrect or incomplete availability of WorkID.

Force majeur

11.1 Force majeure is understood to mean all circumstances that occur beyond the control of one of the Parties after the conclusion of the agreement, that cannot be attributed to them and that prevent the implementation of the agreement, such as: natural disasters, terrorism, political unrest or war, fire, mobilization, seizure, embargo, shortage of means of transport, general scarcity of raw materials, shortcomings of suppliers, restrictions in energy consumption, long-term illness, etc.

11.2 The Party invoking the above circumstances must immediately notify the other Party in writing of the commencement and termination thereof.

11.3 The existence of one of these circumstances removes all liability on account of the non-performance of the agreement during the force majeure situation.

Applicable law

The agreement is governed exclusively and is drawn up in accordance with Belgian law.

Competent Courts

In the event of a dispute, the courts and tribunals of the district where WorkID's registered office is located have exclusive jurisdiction.

Nullity, unenforceability or unenforceability

The invalidity, unenforceability or unenforceability of any clause of these Terms shall not affect the validity, enforceability or enforceability of the Terms.


WorkID vzw has the right at all times to adjust WorkID, to change or delete data or to limit the use of WorkID.

WorkID can provide an update or an upgrade for the WorkID, but is not obliged to do so. WorkID cannot be forced to keep an earlier version of WorkID active.

WorkID has the right to change these Conditions. The amended or new Terms and Conditions will apply from the time that the User has been able to take note of them, the next time the User logs in to WorkID.


Only the Conditions in the Dutch language are decisive for any interpretation of the wording used in the Conditions. The translations into French, English, German or another language have only been prepared by WorkID for the understanding of the User.

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